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Florida Trip Blog - Winter 2008 - Georgia
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Wed - Jan 2, 2008
Planed to drive about 500 miles to somewhere in TN after a stop at Coldwater Creek Outlet in WV for Peggy to buy something.
Then on to Peggy's sister Bobbie in Atlanta by Thursday night.
However until the snow & winds stops we are not leaving.

Thur - Jan 3, 2008
We decided because of the cold weather that we would drive to Atlanta the shortest way, which was down I-71/75. It took 11 hrs to get to Bobbie's House. She just bought a new CRV.

Our bags are packed we're ready to go

Should have left Monday

Bobbie's New CRV

Sun - Jan 6, 2008
Warm weather hits Atlanta, it's in the 60's, we plan to stay here until Tuesday. It actually hit 70o before we left.

Tue - Jan 8, 2008
We left Bobbie's at 5 AM to be able to drive through Atlanta with no traffic. Worked great, an hour later we were south of Atlanta in light traffic heading for Macon, GA and then on to Jekyll Island. It took about 6 1/2 hours and we got a campsite with cable TV and wireless internet service. Drove through a light rain shower but it was 70o and dry the whole time we were at Jekyll Is. There are lots of good paved bike trails around the island. We took a short bike ride to start getting our legs in shape. On Wednesday we biked through their historic district, about a 13 mi ride. On our third and last day we biked from one end of the island to the other about 16 mi.

Bobbie & Peggy getting ready to go shopping

Peggy bike riding around Jekyll Island

John off to Golf

Fri - Jan 11, 2008
Drove a little over an hour to Laura Walker State Park which is near Waycross, GA on the North end of the Okefenokee swamp. We took a short bike ride and saw that they have a nice golf course about 2 mi away. I quickly pedaled back and got my lightweight golf bag with 8 clubs and pedaled back to play a quick 9 hole round of golf. It was a nice course and I played my usual mediocre game, only lost 2 balls. I got back before the rain that they had predicted all day long. A cold front and rain arrived overnight. It was cool, 60o, and dry over the weekend.
Sat - Jan 12, 2008
Took a short 10mi bike ride down the road and Peggy found two golf balls as we bicycled past the golf course.
Sun - Jan 13, 2008
Broke camp and headed for Steven Foster State Park on the south side of the swamp, about an 1-1/2 drive. After we set up we threw the canoe into the water and took about a 5 mi paddle but because of the cold weather, saw no aligators and only a few large turtles.
Mon - Jan 14, 2008
A cold front came in and the temp. dropped to about 40o overnight. When it warmed to the low 50's, we took a 16 mi bike ride to the Suwannee Riversill which is where the river flows out of the Okefenokee swamp.

Beautiful camp in the Okefenokee

John paddling on his birthday

Canoeing in the Okefenokee Swamp

Tue - Jan 15, 2008
Another cool but sunny day. We waited until it warmed up and did a 10 mi paddle to Minnie Lake and back in the Okefenokee. We saw ducks, great heron, kingfishers, egrets, a hawk and a turtle. Cool weather keeps the aligators away.
Our Convection/Microwave oven broke so we decided to see if we can get it repaired in Gainesville, FL and camp nearby at Paines Prairie State Park.

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