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Trip Organizer's Responsibilities

Organizers who are unable to fulfill their trip commitments should obtain a substitute organizer and notify the Newsletter Editor and Webmaster as soon as possible, if you have internet access, please post on the club bulletin board.


Determine put-in and take-out points.
Determine rendezvous time.
Select an alternate trip in case of high or low water, where possible.
Select camping arrangements, if required.
List the expected level of difficulty, wet/dry suits? Closed boats?
Mail/E-Mail this information to the newsletter editor and Webmaster in time to be published just before the trip.
Organizers who are unable to fulfill their trip commitments should obtain a substitute organizer and notify the Newsletter Editor and Webmaster. If you have internet access post a notice on club bulletin board. 


If conditions change choose an alternate paddling location for the trip. Maintain a roster of persons signed-up for the trip with names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and experience in order to notify them in case of a change before the trip. Do not just cancel the trip and then paddle somewhere else.


Find out the water level, make sure it is suitable for the trip as planned. If you cannot go on the trip please find another organizer.
Guests may join us on our trips. However, please encourage them to join our club for their own safety and enjoyment. If the participant is an active member of another club like TRPC, they are welcome on any of our scheduled trips. Club members enjoy the camaraderie, the mutual liability waiver and the satisfaction knowing that their dues are supporting the club services that they are enjoying.
Read the Keel-Hauler's Safety Code


Please note that “Trip Organizers” are just that, organizers. As spelled out in the Keel-Hauler's Safety Code.

All on-the-river “responsibilities” are those of the individual or the group as a whole. In fact, the “trip organizer” does not have to go on the trip. They’re simply the main contact that coordinates the meeting time and place, and puts interested participants in contact with each other. That is as far as their responsibility goes.

Ensure that a trip report is written and sent it to the newsletter editor as soon as possible.

See Trip Organizer's Responsibilities

Trip Participant's Responsibilities


Pick a trip to match your skills and ability. Rate yourself with the Keel-Haulers Self-Rating System. Do not pick trips that are rated more than 3 points beyond you or your partner's ability.


Notify the trip organizer by phone or e-mail of your intent to join the trip. No one's paddling ability or knowledge of the river exempts them from this common courtesy. Plan your food, transportation and rendezvous. Please become a club member, guests are welcome but encouraged to join.
Read the Keel-Hauler's Safety Code

Double up, help conserve fuel. Try to take as many boats and people with you as possible. Let the trip organizer know if you need transportation or if you can bring someone else with you. If you have to cancel out of the trip, let the organizer know as soon as possible, so that the other paddlers won't waste time waiting for you to arrive.


Meet promptly at the appointed time. Check to see that you have all equipment with your boat before starting on the shuttle. Plan to participate in the auto shuttle, and let the group know when you are ready. If you have a physical disability, are under a doctor's care, or may need medicine, let the group know. 


Know and practice the Keel-Hauler's Safety Code.


Leave the river and its surroundings cleaner than you found them. Drive home carefully; you will be tired.


Remember that water sports are a potentially dangerous activity. Each participant is responsible for assessing his or her own ability and from refraining from activities that are beyond their limits. The club, its officers and members simply cannot and do not take responsibility for anyone when they are participating in a planned or spontaneous club activity. 

Only YOU are responsible for your actions and safety. Read the Keel-Hauler's Safety Code. It was adapted from the Safety Code of the American Whitewater to serve as a guideline for river trips. 

As stated in the code, 

“A river trip should be regarded as a common adventure by ALL participants…. Participants share the responsibility for the conduct of the trip and each participant is individually responsible for judging his or her own capabilities and for his or her own safety as the trip progresses. Participants are encouraged (but are not obligated) to offer advice and guidance for independent consideration and judgment of others.” 

Remember, water sports are a potentially dangerous activity. Members assume any and all risk when choosing to participate in an activity and the Keel Haulers Canoe Club, its officers and members are not responsible for any damages resulting from such participation.