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Old Newsletters

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50 Years of the Keel-Haulers Canoe Club

Our club was founded in 1966 and has been going strong ever since then.
For our anniversery year, many of the longtime members wrote articles about our history, trips and events.
Here are 8 stories, complete with pictures that will tell a history of our club.

50 Years of Keel-Haulers

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Vacation & Paddling Trip reports

Florida RV & Canoeing - 2015-6
By John Kobak

Southern Rivers Trip Reports - 1992 to 2013

Michigan Canoeing - 2012
By John Kobak

Grand Canyon Trip - 2011
By Donna Homberg

Winter Florida & Roatan Trips - 2008
By John Kobak

Western Trip - 2007
By John Kobak

Grand Canyon Trip - 2006
By John Kobak

Slide Show of 2006 Grand Canyon trip
Very Large Program - Requires fast internet connection
By Bob Nicholson

Florida Trip - 2006
By John Kobak

Western Trip - 2005
By John Kobak

Barry's Grand Canyon Trip - 2004 Photos
By Matt Muir

Western Trip - 2004
By Elliott Drysdale

Colorado Trip - 2003
By John Kobak

Florida Trip - 2002
By John Kobak

Grand Canyon Trip - 2001
By Judi Cleary

Colorado Trip - 2001
By John Kobak

Idaho - 1999
By Rob Hammond

Western Trip - 1999
By John Kobak

Michigan Canoeing - 1997
By John Kobak

Grand Canyon Trip - 1996
By John Kobak

Colorado Trip 1995
By John Kobak

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Adventure Trip Reports

Mexico Trips - RV & Paddling from 1995 to 2015
By John Kobak

Australia Trip Report- 2006
By Judi Cleary

Honduras Trip Report- 2006
By Donna Homberg
More Honduras trip pictures

Chuck & Judi's Safari in Tanzania, February 2-18, 2004
By Judi Cleary

Chuck's climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, 2004
By Judi Cleary

Chuck & Judi's Trip to Thailand
By Judi Cleary

Ecuador 2002
By John Kobak and Paul Lang

Chuck/Judi's Argentina Trip (2001)
By Judi Cleary

KHCC Mexico Paddling Trip - 2000
By John Kobak

Ecuador Trip Report- 1999
By John Kobak

Honduras Trip Report- 1998
By John Kobak

Honduras Trip Report- 1997
By John Kobak

Belize Sea Kayak Trip 1995
By John Kobak & Chuck Singer

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