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2007 Mexico RV trip - 2

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    Dreaming of Huatulco - Pan to see entire view near campground

    Of course if you read my page 1 story you found out that the campground was closed this year.

    1/17/07 - Puerto Angel is a small fishing village on the coast of Oaxaca. It is small and never had that much tourism, however if you drive a little further you come to the famous Zipolite Beach. Why is it famous? It is the only Mexican beach that tolerates nudism. Mexicans are quite provincial and do not like the sight of people frolicking in the all together. However here they turn the other way as well as most of the sun worshipers, who turn the other cheek and stand facing the sea. Also like the West end of Roatan it caters to the backpack crowd with tents and hammocks.

    The last time we were here we stayed at a campground that was small but close to the beach unlike the bigger park, Fernando's, that is across the road in a hot field a good walk from the beach. When we got to the camp we found out that they had sold it and were erecting a small hotel in it's place, again we can't camp where we would have liked. However after asking around we found another small campground right on the beach called La Habana. Things were tight but we wedged our two RV's in. A nice couple from Quebec is staying for the whole season and didn't mind that we were right on top of them. They have nice showers here and luckily I parked close enough to their toilets that with my pumped sewage system I could pump directly into the nearby toilet since there are no camper dump facilities. The only drawback to this camp is that we are next to a beach disco that blasts its American music till all hours of the night. So I'm not sure how long we will stay.

    Shambhala Resort at end of Zipolite Beach

    La Habana Trailer Park

    Our Campsite behind the rooms in the middle of the Zipolite Beach area

    Tight squeeze into our campsite

    Quiet little village of Zipolite

    Why Peggy liked the beach

    Big Hole-In-Rock

    Surfing at Zipolite


    1/19/07 - We are still at Zipolite, temperatures during the day are over 90oF, but at night it cools to 69oF, which actually requires a light blanket. We do all our walking in the morning before the heat of the day. We found out that our favorite restaurant "Piedras de Fuego" is still serving great food for about $5 for a big dinner of shrimp or fish.

    View from Shambhala

    Views of the next bay

    1/21/07 - We left La Habana on Zipolite Beach on Sunday morning for a short drive to Puerto Escondido. The town is popular for a hippie and surfer subculture which dates from the early 70's. Some look like they have never left since then. There are several campgrounds that motorhomes can fit into but we heard that they we both crummy. We asked a car full of surfers if there was any place that we could just camp on Zicatela Beach, they said; "sure follow us". We discovered a big sandy parking lot about a mile down the beach from the city. On a Sunday, the city beaches were packed with Mexicans enjoying a nice family day at the beach. Two more huge motor homes showed up to share our find. On the second day a guy walks over from a house across the street and says that they own the property and we need to give them 50 pesos ($5) for a camp fee. With much reluctance I agree if they will fill my sun shower.

    1/23-28/07 - We decided to leave and head for Playa Ventura about a 5 hour drive further NW. We had stayed here the last time at Cabana Perez and even though it was just a restaurant parking lot, we were all alone, had nice bath facilities and nice palapa to hang my hammock. The crashing waves were a mere 100 feet from the camper. A young couple from CO travelling in a 20 year old motor home that they just bought for the trip arrived later that day to join us. We had camped with them at Zipolite Beach and told them about this place. I guess we should quit spreading the word before the place gets too crowded. This year telephone service has arrived and the town must have 20 restaurants but few customers. I'm sure it must be a popular weekend destination for local people, staying in small hotels or pitching their tents under the palapas that line the beach. It sure is quiet here now, we will see how it is on Sunday when we leave. We plan to head for Acapulco on Sunday morning to find a campground at "Pie de la Cuesta" just North of town.
    Pan to see the entire view of the beach in front of our campsite at Playa Ventura

    Lighthouse at Playa Ventura

    Casa de Piedra - House of Rocks

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