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Mexico 2014-15 Trip Map and Links
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Overall Trip Planning Map
Mexico '13-14 Trip Planning Map

#1 Cleveland, OH to Harlingen, TX

#2 To Rios Micos

#3 To Emerald Coast

#4 To Catemaco

#5 To Silvituc

#7 To Xpu-Ha

#8 Back to USA Border

Useful Mexico Internet Links
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  • Mexico "On the Road" Facebook Group
  • Mexico Campground Guide by Church
  • Mexican Additions to 4th edition
  • Mexico RV Forum
  • On-Line TIP Application - Recommended way to get vehicle permit easily.
  • Official MX Import Vehicle Rules - English Version
  • Mexico Border, RV Info
  • Mexican Road Signs
  • Free 2013 Mexican State Maps in PDF Format
  • Mexican Route Planning & Cuota toll rates (In English)
  • Live Border Wait Times
  • Mexican Police Bribes
  • A Mini-Series on RVing in Mexico
  • RVing the Yucatan
  • Mexico Mike's Links
  • People's Guide to Mexico
  • Weather in Mexican Cities
  • Links to RV Travelers in Central America
  • Free - Don't Go There Book - Overland Mexico, Central America
  • Recent Bloggers trips to Central America
  • 10-Things You May Not Know About Mexico
  • E-Mail to John Kobak