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2007 Mexico RV trip - 4

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    On Sunday 2/11/07 we headed for Melaque only 150 km NW of Maruata. We stocked up in Manzanillo at a Commercial Mexicana. We have stayed at Laguna de Tule, a beautiful hotel, restaurant, pool & camp complex for the past few times but had heard that their new expanded campground was encroaching on Federal land and was shutdown. But we would try our luck anyway. Others we met over the past few weeks were going to the "Almost Free" campground in Melaque or would park on the street in the town of Barra de Navidad.

    Well we lucked out. The owner let us in, even though the Federalies chased everyone out just the week before. He said we could park but there was no water, electricity or sewers. It turned out the electricity worked; there was water, which we only used for washing the salt off the RV. The sewers were sealed but we dumped on our way in past the legal campground so wouldn't need to dump again until we left. The place was great. The Lagoon on one side, ocean on the other, no other campers, no barking dogs, roosters or nearby discos.

    New Laguna de Tule addition next to empty campground

    The weather was unusually cool and windy. Highs in the low 80's and 60oF at night. We were only about a Km from Barra, walking down the very soft sand beach, and 2 km from Melaque on cobblestone streets, as we were actually in the Barrio of Obregon. A bike ride to Barra was about a 7 mi round trip on roads with a wide soft shoulder. Barra is much more touristy than Melaque but it is a really fun shopping place. And on Wednesday, the biggest flea market was only a few blocks from our hotel. The restaurant at our hotel was new and the food was great. It was Peggy's favorite on the trip.

    Laguna de Tule restaurant & pool

    We decided to stay here longer than we originally planned so we may never make it as far north as Mazatlan before we head back to the states. I revised the schedule & map linked above.

    Melaque - Pan to see entire view
    Barre De Navidad - Pan to see entire view On Saturday we decided to go about 20 mi NW to a little beach town of Tenacatita. It is aways off the highway but a popular Mexican beach destination. They have a full service campground and an almost free one on the each on a lttle peninsula that juts out into the ocean, with a small coral reef offshore. We opted for the deluxe one this time. They both had space available.
    Tenacatita Beach - Pan to see entire view
    Almost Free Beach - Pan to see entire view

    on Wed we left for Perula, less than an hour away. Thury left for Guadalajara and the craft town of Tonala. He is then taking the route directly to El Paso, TX and then on to Sante Fe, NM to see his brother

    Last time we were at Perula Bay - Pan to see entire view
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